Bachelor and Master: International recognition of diplomas. Bachelor degree plan Midwifery.

The requirements for the Midwifery have enhanced significantly in recent decades, as a result of modifications within the supply structures as well as the growing significance of prevention and wellness promotion in health care. The higher degree of autonomy, high responsibility in caring for pregnant girls, females giving birth, new mothers and newborns within a women- and family-oriented obstetrics call for the mastery and continual reflecting scientifically sound expertise. Around the Changed competence profile of a midwife / obstetric nurse belongs thus evidence-based selection, substantiated and be capable of act. Proposed bachelor’s degree turns just before all those deepen their information in fundamental scientific studies and in subsequent hebammenspezifisch- numerous scientific studies, expand their abilities and choose to perform intensively even throughout the coaching with additional advanced topics. The study has the goal to boost the employability abilities as a midwife / Entbindungspfleger, also to participate actively in the development of midwifery and to participate in scientific discussions in inter-professional team. By getting the first academic degree you reach the access to further research and facilitates power absorption capability abroad. The Dresden International University (DIU), which has developed this system in cooperation using the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden (UKD) and performs using the Carus Academy on UKD, places distinct emphasis on a practical study.

The system is interdisciplinary and inter-professional. It can be characterized by a personal studying environment and individual attention. Inside the very first semesters the participants study together together with the wellness and nurses / -Innen, emergency paramedics / KMRC plus the participants with the course physiotherapy. This early interdisciplinary exchange makes it possible for a multidisciplinary understanding and considering. The three-year coaching to / in the midwife / Entbindungspfleger is aspect of the five-year study and already get started six months before the initial presence phase at the DIU. Through the initial six semesters studying performed part-time in parallel using the education. The last 4 semesters including bachelor thesis will take place in part-time member in the Dresden International University. The system contents and also the flow in the plan are matched with each other. Classes are held on specified weekends (after or twice a month) as well as a block seminar (three – 4 days) per semester alternatively. The plan ends using the state recognition as a midwife / Entbindungspfleger (following 3 years) plus the Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (just after five years).Any further material on the study content material, its procedure and its financing, please refer towards the web site of your DIU or ask them in our academy director Birgit Banzhaf.

The program consists of two phases: the bachelor and master phase. The Bachelor phase lasts 3 years, and soon after the initial year an “intermediate test” requires location: the Propädeutikum. This is not a accurate test, but a proof that you just have passed each of the subjects from the initially year. Thus laid a broad basis, which can be deepened inside the second year. Within the third year you take into consideration what you need to perform after the bachelor: conduct applied or standard investigation? are managers, teachers or journalists? Realizing this, a single chooses to coordinated seminars, writing a thesis or makes a handful of months for an internship in a enterprise or investigation institute. After three years and also a effective conclusion can you appear Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Call. With this diploma, you’ll be able to visit work, simply because you may have a recognized degree, but you may continue to study at the RU Nijmegen or at any other university in the country and abroad.

That is followed by the master phase of two years. As opposed to countless German universities, where selected before beginning the master phase once again writing a thesis for a research paper (regularly only 40% of students may possibly continue studying!) Will have to get at any student who has completed the bachelor phase within the respective course inside the master phase on. Now the understanding in preparation for the Master’s thesis (and maybe a promotion) might be additional deepened. Or creating the training as a scientific manager, press officer or teacher. In any case, the master phase is characterized by numerous sensible function. The system concludes using a Master of Science -Titel (MSc.). This title is comparable to the German diploma and is recognized worldwide.The Diploma Supplement can be a detailed list in the courses taken, including grades and ECTS points. In both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degree you get as a supplement. Therefore, every employer and university lecturer immediately knows what you have got performed, exactly where your priorities lie and what you will have carried out. All of our applications have been tested by the independent accreditation agency NVAO. Here, European requirements are investing, which thus apply to all accredited colleges and universities in Europe. You can say that we’re “TÜV tested”. And like a auto you’ve to repeat this test regularly so you usually do not shed the accreditation!

Recognition of the diploma and international possibilities.Experience shows that a study at the Radboud University gives new possibilities also within the international field. A report by Marijn Dekkers shows that students of Radboud University are engaged in international online business on the board. The director on the NWO, the Dutch equivalent of your German Analysis Foundation DFG, Jos Engelen, was previously Scientific Director on the CERN in Geneva. He studied physics at us and taught. One more physicist, Prof. Dr. GJM Meijer was director with the Max Planck Institute in Berlin and is now a member with the Board of Radboud University.But the proof from recent years are abroad extremely appreciated. With the 1st two vintages German graduates all have now received their MSc. The majority desires to reach even the Dr title only. Our students have been recruited at universities in Barcelona, ??Uppsala, Cologne, Munich, Heidelberg, Wageningen, Houston, Oxford, Zurich and Amsterdam. Who usually do not graduate people that work inside the German, Dutch or British sector. None of them is unemployed!

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