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A negative COVID-19 test, taken no more than 72 hours before travel, is required for exit from Somalia. To enter Senegal, you must provide a negative test dated no more than 5 days earlier, issued in the country where you started your trip and authorised by that country or a recognised health organisation. If this is not possible, you will need to declare that you have no symptoms and accept having a test done on arrival, if deemed necessary.

  • Morocco is suspending all flights from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey from February 22 for at least 15 days.
  • Most businesses including restaurants, cafes and shopping malls, are not allowed to operate between 8pm and 5am on weekdays and weekends.
  • Individuals who fail to follow rules related to face masks could face potential fines of 10,000 dram.
  • The land border between Mexico and the United States is closed for nonessential travel through at least March 21.

Airlines and airports have implemented new procedures for travelers, and passengers must comply with these to travel. For example, masks must be worn in the airport and on airplanes, and arriving passengers are subject to health checks and PCR tests. Please check airport and airline websites for more information and specific guidance. Effective January 15, Istanbul will implement a new law that states the Istanbul Kart for anyone over six years old has to be connected with your HES code in order to use public transportation. Air travelers are advised to include their travel document (Passport/I-551) information in their reservations to help ensure they do not encounter issues when boarding their flights.

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Hospital dining establishments are also exempt from the restrictions and are open. In this case, it’s better if your insurance covers Covid-19. The PCR test base is situated in Istanbul Airport within the arrivals hall, before Entrance 14.

Visitors instructed by the local authorities to take a Coronavirus test on arrival may be asked to Download Hayat Eve Sigar APK for Android pay a fee of US$ 100 in cash. You must take a PCR test between 72 and 120 hours before travel and show evidence of the negative test result, with the date of the test clearly labelled, at your point of arrival in Tunisia. Children under 12 years old are exempt from this requirement.

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All travellers should complete the form, including children of any age. Germany has been requiring a negative PCR, antigen or RT-LAMP test for entry, made no earlier than 48 hours before departure or immediately after arrival. Instead of a negative test, a certificate of vaccination is accepted or the result of a positive PCR test for a period of more than 21 days, but not more than 6 months. You also need to fill out a DEA form and pass a 10-day quarantine if you enter from high-risk countries. The quarantine can be interrupted by passing the test on the 5th day.

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