It is still unclear whether the boy will retain damage, it said

It is still unclear whether the boy will retain damage, it said

Protesters repeatedly blocked roads in different parts of Catalonia. The police arrived. Spanish media reported that four strikers were arrested.

Buses and trains as well as hospitals and pharmacies were particularly affected by the strike. However, public long-distance and local transport continued to run – as required by law – with minimal operation. In Barcelona, ​​around 50 percent of public transport was in use during rush hour, while only a third of regional trains continued on schedule.

A 23-year-old hit his crying daughter with his fists. The baby died from head injuries. The father had previously spoken of an accident.

After the violent death of an eight-month-old baby, the child’s father was sentenced to nine years and nine months in prison for manslaughter. The 23-year-old man from Mülheim / Ruhr had admitted that he had hit his daughter with his fists in April 2018. The baby had died of severe head injuries.

Defendant speaks of loss of control

In the trial before the Duisburg jury, the defendant spoke of a kind of freak out. He lost control when his daughter cried and screamed.

According to the verdict, the defendant actually wanted his partner to take care of the crying child. But she didn’t wake up. In her verdict, the judge said that the defendant threw the baby from his arm into the cot and hit the back of the head three times with his fist. 

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The 23-year-old had initially claimed that the child had fallen off his arm. During the trial, however, he made a confession.

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The Schwerin district court sentenced a young Afghan to life imprisonment. The man had cut an 85-year-old’s neck while he was sleeping. The motive remains unclear.

In the trial of the murder of a sleeping pensioner in Wittenburg, Mecklenburg, the defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Schwerin district court saw it as proven in its judgment announced on Friday that the Afghan cut the 85-year-old’s neck in November 2018 in his house. The pensioner bled to death. The judges saw the homicidal trait of the treachery as fulfilled, a court spokesman said.

In their plea, the public prosecutor’s office had also called for life imprisonment for murder, the defense had not named a specific demand for punishment. The exact motive remained unclear in the process until the end. The defendant was silent throughout the trial. He had admitted the act to a psychiatric expert during pre-trial detention.

Witness observed act

The killing was also observed by the widower’s second carer, who had lived in the house for three weeks. He saw the crime in his room through a baby monitor with video camera and screen. The perpetrator fled, but was picked up the following day on a motorway entrance in Schleswig-Holstein.

The asylum seeker had met the victim’s daughter during an integration project in Saxony for which the woman worked. The two had a love affair for a few months. It was also she who repeatedly sent the defendant to her father in Wittenburg as house and garden help.

The perpetrator should be at least 21

The exact age of the defendant remained unclear, but an expert assumed that he was at least 21 years old. Therefore, he was sentenced under adult criminal law.

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According to the public prosecutor’s office, the alleged perpetrator entered Germany in 2015 as an allegedly unaccompanied young His asylum application was denied. However, he had a so-called Duldung that allowed him to stay in Germany until January 2019.

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A woman from Lower Saxony abused her son for years. Only the secret documentation of the attacks by the stepsister led to the uncovering of the acts.

A mother from Emsbüren has been sentenced by the Osnabrück regional court to three years and nine months in prison for years of mistreatment of her young son. The stepfather of the now 18-year-old victim was warned for violating his duty of care and is supposed to pay 2,000 euros to a charitable organization. The 49-year-old did not prevent the boy’s suffering.

Step-sister secretly documented assaults

According to a court spokesman, the chamber is convinced that the 38-year-old beat her son between 2015 and 2017, only gave him something to eat in the evening and he was not allowed to participate in family life. "At home he was only allowed to carry garbage bags, so no clothes."

The verdict for the mother is abuse of those under protection in a particularly serious case. The public prosecutor had asked for five years in prison for the woman. Much of the process took place in camera. The verdict is not yet legally binding. 

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"According to the court, the woman was overwhelmed with the upbringing"said the spokesman. She was pregnant and had the unborn baby in front of hers "showy son" want to protect. Only when a stepsister of the victim from the Emsland secretly made sound and image recordings of the attacks and passed them on to the youth welfare office, the boy’s martyrdom was ended.

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The alleged acts of the parents are cruel: They are said to have tormented their infant and abandoned them in a helpless position. The criminal process that has now begun does not leave even experienced investigators indifferent.

Intestinal injuries, broken ribs, skull fractures – according to the Palatinate public prosecutor’s office, a seven-week-old baby was abused and tortured by its parents. Because they are said to have seriously injured their young son, the 26-year-old mother and the 24-year-old father have been on trial in Frankenthal since Tuesday. Only an emergency operation saved the boy. How and why the injuries occurred, the couple from Ludwigshafen gave no information at the start of the process.

"My client regrets the overall situation and the child’s suffering"said the mother’s defense attorney on the sidelines of the trial. The public prosecutor’s office accuses the two defendants of, among other things, ill-treatment of wards on October 14 and 15, 2018. The alleged acts of the parents are cruel: The infant is said to have suffered severe injuries in the rectal and genital area as well as skull and rib fractures and was critically injured. "That shocked even veteran investigators"said a public prosecutor. "Fortunately, child abuse like this is very rare."

Parents did not call an ambulance

According to the prosecution, the parents did not call an ambulance after the abuse – although they should have seen that their child was seriously injured. They took the baby to a pediatrician, from where he was taken to a hospital and was saved by emergency surgery. The doctors found further injuries, which probably indicate abuse. It is still unclear whether the boy will retain damage, it said. If convicted, the mother faces 5 to 15 years in prison, the father 1 to 10 years. 

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 The five-day trial was postponed to May 7th after the indictment was read. Then at least the mother wants to make a statement.

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A 54-year-old man is on trial in Bavaria for murder. He is accused of killing his wife out of greed.

In Swabia, a farmer is said to have killed his wife with manure. The Augsburg public prosecutor’s office has brought charges of murder against the 54-year-old. The motive should have been the planned separation from the 51-year-old. The farmer had feared that in the case the couple’s assets of more than 130,000 euros would not be able to keep for themselves, chief prosecutor Matthias Nickolai said on Monday. There is not yet an appointment for a trial at the Augsburg Regional Court. 

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 The body of the woman from Wallerstein (Donau-Ries district) was discovered in September 2018 near a manure pit. During the autopsy, manure was found in the body, and the victim is said to have been hit in the head. Nickolai did not report how exactly the 51-year-old should have been killed by her husband. This must be clarified in the criminal process.

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A young woman is said to have been raped in the toilet of a fan train on the way back from a soccer game. When the trial begins, the defendant denies the act.

A rapist who had already been legally convicted will be on trial in Mönchengladbach from Friday. The charge: rape on a fan train. According to the public prosecutor’s office, a young woman met the 31-year-old defendant a year ago on the way back from the Bayern Munich game against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Both were charged with drinking alcohol.

The two are said to have first kissed amicably and then retired to the train toilet. According to the indictment, the rape took place there. According to earlier information, the woman called her parents on the train, who alerted the police.

The alleged perpetrator could be identified because a train steward had taken a picture of the man. However, the victim did not later recognize the accused in a photo.

Defendant is serving sentence for previous rape

The 19-year-old victim is a joint plaintiff in the proceedings before the Mönchengladbach District Court. The second and last day of negotiations is scheduled for May 24th.

The defendant had reported shortly after the alleged rape in April 2018 in a detention center in North Rhine-Westphalia in order to begin a sentence for assault. According to his lawyer, he is now serving the sentence that was imposed, among other things, for a previous rape. 

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The defendant denies the act. At the start of the process, the 31-year-old’s defense lawyer said that the sexual contact was consensual.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Tehran (AP) – An Iranian woman has to go to prison for a year because she had taken off her headscarf. The 32-year-old Wida Mowahed took off her headscarf in downtown Tehran two years ago as a protest against the compulsory headscarf in Iran and was then arrested.

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Her lawyer Pajam Derafschan announced on Sunday that she has now been sentenced by a court to a one-year prison term for immoral behavior and public unrest. But there could be an amnesty by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s supreme leader, according to the lawyer, according to the IRNA news agency.

Mowahed is considered to be the pioneer of the nationwide wave of protests by Persian women against the headscarf requirement in the country. After her, numerous women in several Iranian cities took off their headscarves at short notice and posted their pictures and videos on social media. The actions attracted worldwide attention – and anger among the clergy in Iran. At least 30 women were arrested in connection with this.

In Iran, girls from the age of nine must wear a headscarf and a long, loose coat in public to cover their hair and body contours. The headscarf has been compulsory in Iran for 40 years, but the majority of women have been against it for just as long. After the anti-headscarf protests, more and more women can be seen without headscarves, especially in large cities – and the number is increasing. The police allegedly cannot do anything about this because otherwise they would have to arrest hundreds of women every day.

According to the prosecution, he dressed up and ambushed his wife. A 60-year-old is on trial in Stuttgart for allegedly murdering his wife. Now he asserts that he only acted in the interests of his children.

In order to secure the inheritance for his children, a husband claims to have ambushed his wife and stabbed her to death. The 57-year-old wanted to usurp his fortune, said the defendant at the Stuttgart regional court. The act was therefore planned, but still "Self-defense" been, he said.

The public prosecutor’s office accuses the 60-year-old of murder. Disguised in a wig, he attacked his wife, who was separated from him, out of greed in a parking lot in Sindelfingen in November so as not to have to pay maintenance.