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My name is Elena Petrova. As the headline of this particular web site states, I am a Russian woman. I matured in Russia, and invested the huge component of my lifestyle there certainly. I got married to a Westerner in 1998.

I have an experts degree in philosophy (earned a degree withdifference), as well as also a postgraduate learning in advertising and marketing. For a few years I worked in business, at that point as a copywriter for a promotion division of a prominent plant working withover 4,500 people. My final role before I left behind Russia was as a regional manager of a sizable advertising and marketing company (some of 22 regional workplaces), where I had 150 individuals helping me as well as fairly a comfortable profit. I possessed my personal apartment and also an auto, so the reason why I made a decision to searchfor a partner abroad was certainly not considering that I was actually despairing or residing in scarcity.

I stayed in Ekaterinburg, among the greatest metropolitan areas in Russia, took a trip a whole lot, botharound the nations of the previous Soviet Union (when I began to journey it was actually still a country; Soviet Union finished in 1991 and all former 15 Soviet States came to be private nations) and also “muchabroad”, exactly how Russians contact the countries, whichwere actually not an aspect of the USSR. In my point of view, our company Russians are truly various coming from the various other nations. Check out it in the Russians segment of the web page “About Russia”.

ThoughI’ve never possessed a problem withacquiring men’s focus, I was actually unable to find The Man Of My Desires in my birthplace. Why? I do not understand, deep-seated inside I right now think it was just not implied to become, I was actually indicated to move abroad as well as end up being an article writer and also start an outdating company, as well as if I met a companion in Russia I know this would certainly never take place!:-RRB- Well, it’s sort of a laughhowever as the stating goes ‘every laughpossesses a little laugh, the remainder is the fact’ … Yet realities are truths and also the simple facts are actually that althoughI truly wished to obtain married and have a household, I really did not get married in Russia.

This is why at the grow older of 29 I decided to broaden my perspectives and try to seek somebody abroad. Being singular at 29 is actually more than just a little uncommon for a best-russian-women com female. It was actually not merely odd, it looked suspicious, as well as I thought that a full simpleton every time I had to answer the inquiry “Have you obtained wed?” (it suggested: “at last …”) whenever I satisfied my university or even educational institution friends. Review the Family life section, as well as you will possibly recognize why.

You know, getting married to an immigrant is one of the most popular subject matters in Russia. I think, any type of single Russian girl would certainly have dealt withit at least as soon as in her life. This suggestion pertained to my mind a number of opportunities because I was 26, and it took me just 3 years to start making it happen. I won’t overburden you withthe details, allow’s merely say that my hunt was rather successful. I got more than 250 males’s letters coming from all over the planet, a lot of from the U.S.A.. Frankly, I was blown away along withthe variety and also highquality of men that addressed my ad, they were actually educated, interesting, fully grown and definitely intended to have a loved ones! WOW! This was sucha difference withRussian men, it was actually hard to believe! It nearly looked too good as well hold true! (This is actually perhaps just how you experience reviewing accounts of Russian ladies)

Long story small, I satisfied my fiancé somewhat swiftly althoughit took our team one year prior to our company fulfilled personally as well as another half a year just before our company got married. (Today it occurs a lot faster, Skype as well as cheap worldwide calling prices assist …) Pretty very soon I acquired expectant along withour clenched fist child and also in one more couple of years our team had our second.

I still keep in contact withmy russian bride good friends, and also my effective account has promoted many of all of them to make an effort similarly. My cousin married a guy from the USA, as well as my friends are actually corresponding along withAmericans, Australians and also Europeans.

The idea of relationships in between Western side males and foreign ladies was truly intriguing to me, whichis actually why I chose to make this internet site. I would like to offer absolutely unprejudiced details concerning Russian girls, their objectives, purposes, and interpretations, as well as mention their misunderstandings as well as superstitions.

A while ago I was talked to by Cosmo, and also the lady-reporter seemed to be to become going to write a completely different account initially of our interview. The news for the future write-up was actually “SouthAfrica’s mail order brides”. Appears a little bit vicious, doesn’t it? This was the first time I had actually heard this phrase “mail order brides”, and in all honesty, I was stunned!!! I possessed no idea this was the means Russian females seeking companions abroad were actually embodied in western media.

Nevertheless, it appeared like the lady-reporter altered her attitude. The cover page to the true concern along withthe write-up mentioned “SouthAfrica’s Mail Order Romances”. A bit a lot better. And the post do withwords “Welcome” and “Best of luck” addressed to all us Russian ladies. (Thanks, Shantal.)

This was my first confrontation along withthe way Russian-western relationships appeared in the media. I searched the Internet in searchof the relevant information, and also was actually stunned even more. Along withplenty of sources using details concerning Russian women, there was actually priceless little bit of information that was actually certainly not discriminatory, or even purposefully improper.

I located that there are 2 kinds of misconceptions in Western culture pertaining to Russian ladies, good as well as adverse, bothare far from the fact. Even if there is actually a grain of reality in a few of them, they are actually typically completely wrong about the causes for the sensations. This is actually why I made a decision to create my very own web site, and also provide the opinion of a Russian lady that came throughthe procedure herself. Being a certified thinker, I attempted to take care of questions thinking about all facets of my adventure, previous russian bride and latest Western side, and also see the whole picture instead of checking out separate items of the challenge, and attempting to reason regarding the whole picture coming from this incredibly item. I wishit gives a muchbetter understanding of Russian ladies as well as Russia in general.

Please note that the primary components of this particular website, suchas web pages “About Russia”, “Russian Females Techniques” as well as “Misconceptions As Well As Reality”, were actually composed long prior to I began my dating service, so feel free to don’t think they are an usual advertising and marketing hype. They reveal the tips of a Russian girl on subject matters concerned, and also certainly not the ideas of a dating web site owner. I later on revised some truths that ended up being outdated (many thanks my visitors for aiming me out) however protected the essence.

So in the beginning this website was designed as an educational resource however most of my guests inquired me if I might do this whichfor them, whichis actually just how the suggestion regarding giving people a solution came to my thoughts. Beginning withsmall things like translations, russian bride s Cyber Manual began to deliver various solutions to individuals looking for international relationships.

Since I intended to always keep russian bride s Cyber Quick guide as an informative source, the dating organization procedures were actually joined under the name of Elena’s Versions.

Articles about me and my organization were published in many Russian magazines featuring Cosmopolitan, Home Computer, Computers and Web, Private Lifestyle, Krest’ yanka (well-liked females’s publication) and dozens of others. I was invited for TV interviews in Russia and SouthAfrica. I was additionally asked for job interviews throughnumerous newspapers as well as magazines – U.S.A., UK, Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, SouthAfrica, Finland … I have authored a publication in Russian, called “101 tips how to discover a partner abroad.” I possess customers coming from throughout the planet. (Click here for the checklist of nations).

My sites russian bride s Cyber Manual and also Elena’s Designs are actually encouraged throughnumerous resources on the Internet, featuring anti-scam internet sites, as well as their referrals are the most effective credit report to my job.

I am actually extremely pleased to be one of the ladies that took care of to make their method into the World wide web service. When I left behind Russia I did not also know what the Internet was! Currently I have a worldwide dating agency withoffices in 5 countries – a dream happened!:-RRB-

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