Obstetrician explains: This is how you can reduce the risk of premature birth

Obstetrician explains: This is how you can reduce the risk of premature birth

In general, pregnancy naturally is possible. However, the probability decreases every year. Because with increasing age, not only does the quantity of egg cells decrease, but also their quality. This is why chromosomal disorders and miscarriages are more common.

The results of studies vary widely

The difficulty with studies on this topic is that mostly only women who want to have children are surveyed and observed. How fertility behaves in women aged 40 or older who do not want to have children is often overlooked. The results of studies differ significantly from one another. One study said that a 40-year-old woman had a ten percent chance of getting pregnant within one cycle, another said that the probability was only five percent, so if you are still unsuccessful in having a child after one year, leave You to the gynecologist and get examined.

Benefits of Late Pregnancy

Pregnancy and the time after the birth are more strenuous for mothers who are 40 or older and the reserves of strength are used up faster, but they have much better mental strength and composure than many younger women – which can have a positive effect on the development of the child . Further advantages are for example:

Mostly secure financial circumstances topadultreview.com, parents were able to feel in their relationship "act out"Often the mother’s healthier lifestyle

Cons and Risks of Late Pregnancy

However, pregnancy from the age of 40 also has some disadvantages and risks for mother and child:

High blood pressure and diabetes are more common; Egg cells have more frequent chromosomal defects; Stresses caused by little sleep and exertion are not so easily put away as in the early 20s an amniotic fluid embolism and that for kidney failure

The risk of a chromosomal disorder, such as Down’s syndrome, is considerably higher than in younger pregnant women. Statistically speaking, in pregnancies over 40, one in 100 children is born with this impairment.

It is very important that the late pregnancy is monitored and accompanied by a doctor.

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From what age a pregnant woman is considered a risk pregnant woman

A pregnant woman is classified as a high-risk pregnant woman in Germany from the age of 35. Statistically speaking, even at this age, she has an increased risk of miscarriages and minor complications such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, gestosis, a deep placenta or thrombosis.

Dolls can also have security flaws. The toy industry is bringing more toys to the market with interfaces to the Internet. But many parents have no idea what a life of its own there is. Consumer advocates warn that strangers could use it to contact the children.

For example about the doll "My friend Cayla" and the robot "i-Que" Third parties could talk to children without difficulty, said the European consumer association Beuc. The critics rely on an investigation by the Norwegian consumer association.

If "Cayla" is online, children can ask the doll questions. An app converts speech into text, searches the Internet for an answer and lets the doll answer. The company mentions possible questions "Vivid" who sells the figure in Germany, "Should I paint my nails?" or "Where is the Eiffel Tower?"

Strangers can get over "Cayla" Contact the child

According to the consumer advocates, anyone in the vicinity can connect to the dolls via a Bluetooth radio link and use them as a kind of headset for the smartphone. This is how strangers could communicate with the children, they argue.

In addition, from their point of view, the terms of use violate EU law: Before use, customers must therefore allow the conditions to be changed later without their knowledge, their data to be used for personal advertising and information to be passed on.

"Cayla" keep no secret to himself

Everything that children tell the dolls is passed on to a US company that specializes in speech recognition. This may also pass on the data to third parties and use it extensively. In addition, the products are programmed for surreptitious advertising: "Cayla" say how much she loves Disney movies. The voice recordings are, however, encrypted, and most of the data transmission is protected with encryption.

Complaint to data protection authorities planned

Consumer associations in Norway, France, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands want to lodge complaints with national consumer protection or data protection authorities, according to Beuc. Beuc turns to the EU Commission and the European body of national data protectionists.

"Vivid" initially did not comment on the allegations at the request of the German Press Agency.

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Changes in the cage are the best medicine for small rodents. That’s why they always love new toys and places to hide. However, keepers should pay attention to the dose.

Guinea pigs and hamsters need a lot of variety. Toys are very welcome so that they do not get bored and they stay physically and mentally healthy. However, not too much should change at once for the demanding rodents, advises the Central Association of Zoological Specialists (ZZF). It is best to only ever put one new item into the enclosure.

Rodents like hiding places and elevated positions

These can be obstacles to jump over, a cardboard tube filled with straw or a box to explore. Since rodents are prey, they love to hide and watch what is happening from an elevated position. They like stable boards for climbing, houses with several entrances and tunnels.

Roots, branches and stones give the enclosure structure. A sandbox filled with sand or earth is also possible.

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For hamsters, mice and gerbils, a stably attached impeller of sufficient size provides the necessary movement, according to the ZZF. A running plate can also work, but only if the animal does not get too tilted.

Sources used: dpa-tmn news agency

A three and a half year old girl from Toulouse, France, suffocated on a toy part of a children’s surprise egg. The prosecution opened an investigation to clarify the exact circumstances of the death of the child. 

The company Ferrero, which sells the popular sweet, has so far been unable to confirm or deny that a surprise egg from its production is involved in the case.

Cogs swallowed by toys

The accident happened over the weekend. The girl had swallowed a small wheel that had come off the toy in the surprise egg, as the prosecutor explained, citing the mother. The autopsy revealed that the girl choked on it.

The grandfather still managed to get the toy part out again. The girl was already unconscious, said the prosecutor. She finally died in the hospital on Sunday night.

Ferrero: no findings on the case yet

The Italian company Ferrero announced that it had no contact with the local authorities or with the girl’s family. Therefore, one could not comment on the case. As soon as there is new knowledge, the group will inform about it.

Warning notice on the packaging

Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise has been around for over 40 years. Inside the chocolate egg is a plastic egg that contains either a figure or a toy to assemble. Ferrero warns against giving the egg to children under three years of age on the packaging and advises that it be used under adult supervision.

In the USA the surprise egg is completely banned. There are strict laws governing sweets that contain toys.

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Standing on one leg or walking backwards: What sounds simple is increasingly difficult for many children. With suitable play equipment, coordination and balance can be trained. Sometimes a rolled up towel is enough.

In many families, movement looks like this: out of the house, in the car. Then the children are driven to see Grandma or to the mall. After a few hours it’s back to: get in the car and go home.

"Parents then feel that they have done a lot with their children" says Regina Witte from the club "Play well" tests and evaluates toys. Girls and boys usually did not have the opportunity to move around – or not enough.

The mobility is missing

The consequences: Many children find it difficult to stand on one leg, balance or walk backwards. Doing exercises with a physiotherapist on the gymnastics mat are effective – but boring. It is more fun to practice these skills while playing.

Children want to be playful "work out"

Unstable panes made of plastic or wood should help children, for example, not to lose their balance. Manufacturers like the Danish company Gonge or the German provider "Erzi" equip the round plates with different structures on the surface: knobs, small squares, waves. The foot muscles are trained at the same time.

From the French manufacturer "asco" there are beams and elements that look like upturned flower pots. Plugged together, the result is a course for balancing. "This is suitable for children from 18 months" says Witte. Children learned to assess their strength and to overcome fear.

Jumping rope is harder for children, skating easier

When it comes to games, it is important that children can design them themselves: "Remodeling and combining is important" says Silke Sinning, sports scientist at the University of Landau. Because thinking about what you can build with your hands trains your coordination.

In a movement laboratory, Sinning regularly examines how good children are at balance and coordination. Your conclusion: "They are worse at walking backwards, jumping rope or balancing."

On the other hand, it is easier for them to move on rolling devices, for example inline skates or waveboards. "Probably because they are more widely available today. Even some schools are equipped with it."

The influence of computer games

Oliver Ludwig from Saarland University also observes that many children are good at complex movement sequences: "Children often have good hand-eye coordination, which comes from playing computer games" says the biologist.