system within the Gasteig cultural center. The Gasteig – more than a library, and Philharmonie

About 6,000 guests pass daily in Gasteig in and out. The cultural center named soon after the Bavarian vernacular and has established an in depth plan in Munich’s cultural scene because its opening 1985thLocated on the “Gachen Steig”, the steep path, formerly led by today’s Ludwig bridge to St. Nicholas Church in the Isar, the red brick buildings of Gasteig is obvious. More than 1,800 events are held each year within the premises on the cultural, Education- and conference center. Furthermore for the Munich Philharmonic as well as the City Library, which houses the Gasteig Munich adult education center and parts of the University of Music and Theater. The system is really a colorful mix of public and private initiatives. National and international stars of music, theater, dance and cabaret pass on their skills towards the most effective in the Gasteig. Within the two largest meeting rooms, the Philharmonic plus the Carl Orff Hall around 2380, or about 600 visitors find place.

Half from the around six,000 guests per day come to take advantage of the present in the Munich City Library. About 1.five million media, like magazines, movies and music, producing the central city library in Gasteig a well-known port of contact for info and entertainment. For younger visitors there’s a specific children’s and youth library. Additionally, the city library exhibitions, lectures and film series for young and old alike.Field Classic in the Philharmonie.Together with the Gasteig Munich Philharmonic received its own concert hall. Given that then they shape the musical goings-on summarize an essay inside the Cultural Center. Music lovers are going to be surprised by the system from the Philharmonie. For the “playing field Klassik” initiative offers children, young many people and adults a wide variety to classical music to uncover from new perspectives and comprehend. The plan contains concerts specifically for young children, youth and students.

Even quite young music fans can expertise the pros up close and show them their instrument and can be explained. An unusual practical experience for Younger is the series “Classics Club”. From the turntable of a changing, trendy clubs will not blaring hip hop, R’n’B or property but classical music. The objective is always to present the music inside a new environment to date.Zero cost program for each visitor.An in depth plan of courses in Gasteig is organized by the Munich adult education center. Additionally, include things like music lectures, film screenings and a great deal even more to offer. Under the menu item “Open Academy” interested can find also free lectures and taster. In general speaking, for exhibitions in Gasteig no admission is charged


Inside the rooms of Gasteig also the students on the University of Music and Theater are educated. Your Can they make consistently in free of charge concerts, the so-called lunch and closing concerts in the small concert hall to the test.The guest for physique and soul.Hungry guests can add their stay in the Gasteig using a restaurant check out. The term borrowed from Gasteig for the restaurant guest, just have this within the 1st spot. At numerous cooking stations the food in front of the customer is ready. The emphasis is on dishes of Italian and Asian cuisine. Specific treat: the pasta. It comes from our personal pasta factory.Uncover all info about opening times, events, prices and directions on the homepage in the Cultural Center at Gasteig.

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