The fourth critical patch, MS15-098, affects the Windows Journal application

The fourth critical patch, MS15-098, affects the Windows Journal application

The problem with this is that if you buy someone else’s breast milk on the open market, you don’t know exactly where it comes from, how the mother feeds herself and whether she complied with hygienic standards when filling it. The greatest danger, however, is that salmonella, germs and diseases such as HI viruses, hepatitis B and C are transmitted to the child via the body fluids, warns the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” in its online edition.

Alternatives with more security

For this reason, you may be taking a great risk when buying breast milk through internet platforms. Another idea: if you have a mother with a baby of the same age in your circle of friends, you may be able to obtain breast milk from this. However, you should have this procedure accompanied by a doctor who can give you precise tips.

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An even better alternative are official institutions that offer breast milk. The human milk bank at the Munich Grosshadern Perinatal Center, for example, wins, tests, stores and sells breast milk to mothers of premature babies and newborns who are undersupplied. Anyone who has sufficient milk production of at least 500 milliliters per day and is demonstrably healthy can also sell or donate their milk here. There is an allowance of five to six euros per liter.

An association from Bielefeld awards a negative price every year for violations of data protection. This time it also hits Microsoft and Amazon. There will also be “Big Brother Awards” in 2018 for software that is used to analyze employees and refugees.

Microsoft Germany receives the “Big Brother Award” this year. The negative prize awarded by data protection activists for data collection and violations of privacy goes to the software company based in Munich in the technology category. The Bielefelder Verein Digitalcourage accuses Microsoft of collecting diagnostic data (telemetry) over the Internet with the Windows 10 operating system. The problem: Even experienced users could not switch off the data flow.

Microsoft had rejected the criticism in advance and did not come to the award ceremony on Friday evening in the Bielefelder Stadttheater. The company is not concerned with skimming off customer data, rather it uses telemetry to improve the product, according to Munich. Microsoft was already an award winner in 2002.

The prize was awarded for the 18th time to politicians, companies or organizations which, in the opinion of data protectionists, are particularly irresponsible when handling the data of others.

Violent criticism of surveillance powers in Hesse

In addition to Microsoft, the award in the Politics category went to the CDU and Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen parliamentary groups in Lantag, Hesse. Digital courage accuses politicians of intervening deeply in the basic rights of the population with the draft of a new constitutional protection law with an accumulation of surveillance powers. The parliamentary managing director of the Hessian CDU parliamentary group, Holger Bellino, countered: “Hesse is strengthening its security authorities with new powers and defining clear limits.” The law offers the legal powers that are needed in the fight against extremism of any kind and form.

The Munich-based company Soma Analytics offers an app for HR departments that is supposed to provide companies with anonymized information about stress levels of employees based on health data. Soma from Munich is therefore the winner in the working world category.topics argumentative In the area of ​​PR and marketing, the data protection activists distinguished the term “Smart Cities”. Sensors on street lights and in the pavement, plus video surveillance – cities are increasingly becoming remote-controlled and commercialized areas. The term “Smart Cities” reduced citizens to their quality as consumers and data-providing objects, it was said.

The company Cevisio from Torgau, Saxony, received the award in the administration category for its neighborhood management software. The software is used, for example, in combination with an ID card and chip in refugee accommodation and records movements on the premises, food distribution and medical checks. Digital courage laments a total control of asylum seekers. Laudator Thilo Weichert criticized the image of man that is behind the software. “Refugees are people, not things. They are not prisoners and do not require closer observation,” said the former Schleswig-Holstein data protection officer.

For once, Facebook not in focus

The prize in the consumer protection category goes to Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. Digital courage sees her as being able to monitor family members or guests in the household. And it is still unclear who can still access the voice recordings stored in the Internet cloud.

Camera control and social scoring: When Facebook determines creditworthiness Alarm and security systems: Interior ministers want to bypass hurdles for eavesdropping Total social control: How China wants to create “better people”

Despite the current data scandal surrounding Facebook, the company went away empty-handed this year. The association justified this with the fact that the “Big Brother Award” went to the online network in 2011. “We could still give the eulogy from then today. Everything is still valid,” said Rena Tangens from the jury before the award ceremony. Seven years ago, Facebook was awarded for the “targeted research into people and their personal relationships behind the nice facade of an alleged free offer”.

Sources used: dpa

Google has released its messenger “Allo” for Android and iOS, which it announced in the spring. The competitor to WhatsApp wants to score with a built-in personal assistant.

Messenger apps – the best alternatives to Whatsapp

Messenger apps

The best alternatives to Whatsapp

We can recommend these three alternatives to anyone who no longer wants to use WhatsApp: Video

The messenger “Allo” for the Google system Android and iOS from Apple, which was initially launched in the USA on Wednesday, contains the new “Google Assistant”. Users can use chat to display information about the weather or news, nearby restaurants or travel options, or ask him questions about knowledge. In addition, “Allo” suggests possible appropriate answers with the help of artificial intelligence in conversations with other people.

For Europe, the new Messenger should be available on Thursday night. Initially, the assistant will only communicate with the users in English; other languages ​​will follow soon, it said.

The WhatsApp alternative Threema

Photo series with 7 pictures

Allo wants to compete with WhatsApp

Google announced the software in May at the Google I / O developer conference. Currently, Facebook is particularly strong in text message apps. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, which is also part of the world’s largest online network, each have more than a billion users. Apple has the SMS alternative iMessage, which is only available on the group’s devices.

Google’s messenger “Allo” in action. (Source: AP / dpa)

The search engine company did not have a central messaging app for the Google Android operating system. Google had fallen behind in this area and now wants to catch up. The video chat app “Duo”, which was also announced in May, was recently launched. With the personal assistant from “Allo”, Google wants to benefit from its large amount of data on local businesses or travel connections as well as its knowledge of the world.

Facebook also relies on chatbots, but opened its messenger to assistants from many different providers, from media to airlines and banks. One plan is to establish Facebook Messenger in communication between companies and customers and to earn money with it.

Download Google Allo from the Play Store (from September 22, 2016) Download Google Allo from the App Store (from September 22, 2016)

“Red line crossed”: WhatsApp warned about new terms of use

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Microsoft will once again close critical vulnerabilities in Windows for the September patch day – including in the graphics component and in Internet Explorer. PC users should import the security updates quickly. Elsewhere, however, the Windows developers are very curious – this time users of Windows 7 and 8 should be careful what they install.

This is how you start the Windows auto-update function

Photo series with 16 pictures

Microsoft delivers a total of twelve security packages, five of which have the highest security level. The other seven patches fix “high” vulnerabilities, which attackers could use to alter access rights or gain control over the computer. Only three of the packages do not require any action for normal users, since they concern server software. We recommend installing the patches immediately.

The patch packages MS15-094 and MS15-095 close critical loopholes in Microsoft’s browser software. To take advantage of them, it is sufficient to visit a specially prepared website. This allows the attacker to take control of the target PC. The Internet Explorer versions 7 to 11 and Microsoft Edge in combination with all Windows versions from Vista through Windows 7 to Windows 10 are affected.

Vulnerability affects all PC users

The patch MS15-097 closes the most serious loophole in Windows. In contrast to the Microsoft browser loopholes, the risk cannot be minimized by switching to another program – unless you cut your connection to the Internet. The graphics components in Windows are used by almost all programs; here too, visiting a specially prepared website is enough to lose control of the computer. The same risk lies dormant when opening manipulated documents.

The fourth critical patch, MS15-098, affects the Windows Journal application. Users of this application are targeted if they open a specially crafted journal file. Here, too, the attacker can take over the PC. If the affected user has administrator rights, the risk is correspondingly greater. The fifth update classified as critical (MS15-099) affects the Office versions from 2007 to 2013RT. The remaining update packages fix less serious weaknesses in the operating systems.

Sniff updates for Windows 7 and 8

With the September Patchday, Microsoft is also delivering new functions for diagnosing and monitoring Windows 7 and 8. Microsoft got into the talk about Windows 10 because the company is investigating too extensively what users are doing with the new operating system.

If you don’t want Windows 7 and 8 to be too noisy, you should forego the updates outlined in red. (Source: t-online)

Two of these controversial updates for Windows 7 and 8 (KB3075249 and KB3080149) are recommended by Microsoft, a third, namely KB3068708, was already delivered in June as an “important update”. This means that Microsoft will automatically install the patch if Windows has been set to allow automatic updates.

Check Windows Update

So if you don’t want Windows 7 and 8 to be too prudish, you should forego these updates and deselect the relevant KB numbers in the Windows Update settings. If necessary, updates that have already been installed can also be removed manually using “System and Security” and “Show installed updates”.

Alternatively, the security updates can also be downloaded from Microsoft’s Security TechCenter. In a photo show, we will show you how to install a security update without the help of Windows Update.

Photo show: Install a security patch – this is how it works Photo show: How to start the Windows auto-update function Despite the sniffer block: Windows 10 transmits mysterious data to the Internet

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Apple Mac owners will be the first to use the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Co. Microsoft is introducing the new office software package Office 2016 on Mac OS X first. Windows owners will have to wait a little longer.

This is what the new Windows 10 looks like

Photo series with 15 pictures

Microsoft has completed the new version of its Office package with office applications: Office 2016 is now available for Apple’s Mac operating system, for customers of the Office 365 subscription system. The software package with a permanent license is to follow in September. The edition for Windows is announced by the end of the year.

“We see a strong demand from customers on the Mac platform, and the Mac version is already ready,” said Microsoft manager Thorsten Hübschen, explaining the decision to prefer the Mac version to the Windows version. Microsoft Office has a market share of 92 percent in Germany according to the company. The business with the so-called productivity software is the most important source of income for Microsoft, ahead of the income from the marketing of the Windows server platform and the Windows PC licenses. The Office 365 subscription model starts with prices from 10 euros per month; Prices for the package licenses are not yet known.

Office trimmed to Windows design

In contrast to its predecessor, Office 2011 for Mac, Office 2016 now shows the user interface of the individual applications in exactly the same way as its Windows counterparts – apart from Mac-specific features such as handling the program windows. Above all, this includes the so-called ribbon as a central orientation in the jungle of diverse functions.

The new office is colorful. For each document there is a selection of different designs that encourage creative design.