The second half started like the first – with a huge chance for Moukoko

The second half started like the first – with a huge chance for Moukoko

But: "There is an opportunity in every crisis"he said with the hope that the social importance of sport would become more conscious. "We not only need an educational pact for digitization, a pact for more movement is just as important." With online sports offers, new target groups might even be reached, says Woll.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), regular exercise has many positive effects. Accordingly, it helps prevent illness, can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improve memory. The WHO recommends 60 minutes of exercise a day for children and adolescents.

Two days after separating from Lucien Favre, Borussia Dortmund ended its mini-crisis in the Bundesliga. In the first game under the direction of the new head coach Edin Terzic, BVB came to a fully deserved 2-1 (1-1) win at Werder Bremen on Tuesday evening and thus won the first three after three previous games without a win. Raphael Guerreiro (12th minute) and Marco Reus (78th) scored the goals for BVB, which impressively rehabilitated for the 1: 5 debacle against VfB Stuttgart last Saturday. However, the Westphalians had to cope with the injury-related end of Mats Hummels. The defense chief left with a thigh injury five minutes before the end.

Kevin Möhwald (28th) managed to equalize in the meantime for Bremen, who slide deeper and deeper into the relegation battle after the ninth game without a win in a row.

"As soon as you put on the BVB jersey, BVB should also be in it", demanded debutant Terzic more passion than the last time in the 1: 5 bankruptcy against VfB Stuttgart. Correspondingly committed and loud – in contrast to the more introverted Favre – the 38-year-old lived this maxim on the sidelines.

Terzic made a change in terms of personnel and thus helped young star Youssoufa Moukoko to make his starting line-up debut. "He’s not with us because he’s 16, but because he’s good", the coach justified his measure. And it wasn’t missing much, then the youngster, who played for Emre Can, would have scored his first Bundesliga goal. After a pass from Giovanni Reyna, Moukoko slipped just past the ball (5th).

The 16-year-old had made four short appearances in the first division and was the only striker in Bremen before the three-off offensive series Jadon Sancho, Reus and Reyna. He justified his commitment. Moukoko showed his great ability again and again.

In any case, BVB showed a significant improvement and pushed Werder back into their own half. The opening goal was the logical consequence. Ömer Toprak was able to block a shot from Reyna, but Guerreiro lifted the margin into the goal. Shortly afterwards it was Reyna again, but his shot was too unplaced (17th).

And Werder? The Hanseatic League had great problems finding relief. The balance fell all the more surprising. After a pass from Maximilian Eggestein, Möhwald met from the edge of the penalty area. However, this was preceded by a mistake by Dortmund’s Manuel Akanji. BVB had already made life difficult for itself against Stuttgart through such mistakes.

The goal didn’t change much in terms of the statics of the game. Black and yellow continued to dictate the ball and the opponent. Werder defender Christian Groß almost scored an own goal when he tried to clear the ball against the post of his own goal (32nd). Keeper Jiri Pavlenka would have been beaten. A little later, however, the Czech was there with a strong reflex against Akanji (41st). Shortly before the break, Bremen also gave a sign of life with a shot by Ludwig Augustinsson (43.).

The second half started like the first – with a huge chance for Moukoko. After a cross from Reus, the youngster put the ball over the goal (50th). And the youngster did not want to make the goal premiere in another campaign either (63rd). Werder also had Pavlenka, who held superbly and defused a diving header from Reus (71.). But the Czech of all people made a serious mistake when he dropped the ball and caused a penalty against Akanji. He was able to keep Reus’s penalty, but not the margin.

Bremen’s Prime Minister Andreas Bovenschulte wants to explain and justify the latest resolutions for the tougher lockdown that begins on the same day in the parliament (state parliament). It is now the fifth government declaration by the Social Democrats since the outbreak of the pandemic in the spring. Bremen also joined the measures initiated on Sunday by the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), which envisage an extensive closure of the retail trade and service providers by January 10th. In addition, from December 24th to 26th, four other people are allowed to leave the household in addition to their own household "closest family circle" join in.argumentative essay outline graphic organizer In principle, however, a maximum of five people from two households are allowed to meet.

A week after moving into a terraced house in Bremen, a young couple discovered two decades-old barrels containing a poisonous substance in the cellar. When they tried to move the barrels on Tuesday, they got a headache, a fire department spokesman said. The 31-year-old man and the 24-year-old woman were taken to hospital as a precaution. In retrospect, they would have felt complaints in the new house all week. According to the information, it was the highly corrosive substance sodium cyanide, which is used, among other things, for derusting. The barrels were from 1962, their origin was unclear. They were secured by the fire brigade and then disposed of.

Verena Mohaupt (37), employee of the Bremerhaven Alfred Wegener Institute (Awi), belongs to the specialist magazine "Nature" to the ten people who played a crucial role in science in 2020. Mohaupt was the expedition’s logistics manager "Mosaic". The research ship drifted "Pole Star" Docked on a huge ice floe through arctic waters for about a year. Mohaupt made sure that the researchers could work safely on the ice – protected from polar bears, the cold and accidents, it said "Nature".

"I didn’t do the job alone, I worked in a team"said Mohaupt of the German press agency. Together with her AWI colleague Bjela König, she developed a safety concept, tested work suits and planned the logistics for the measuring devices. "We had to decide which hut is where on the ice floe, how much electricity we need for the devices, how much gasoline for the snowmobiles."

She was on board the for almost nine months "Pole Star". The corona crisis presented the expedition with unforeseen logistical challenges. "We always had to improvise and reschedule." But that also made the work exciting. She is grateful that she was part of the mammoth project.

An aggressive youth in Bremerhaven got himself six advertisements. According to the police on Tuesday, the trouble started the day before, when security guards in a public bus accused the 15-year-old of not wearing his mouth and nose covering correctly. He also didn’t have a valid ticket. During the inspection, the 15-year-old attacked a security guard. When the police arrived, he also hit them and slightly injured one officer. Eventually he was handcuffed.

A search showed that the teenager was carrying a kitchen knife and several screwdrivers, along with substances that are believed to be drugs. He was also found to have clothes that were believed to have been shoplifted.

The father was finally able to pick up his son at the police station. But 15-year-olds can expect charges of assault, resistance, fare dodging, possession of narcotics, shoplifting and violation of the Infection Protection Act.

Photos of beards, pubic and armpit hair, scalp hair or bald heads – this is what the Kunsthalle Bremen is looking for to accompany its upcoming Picasso exhibition. Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) shows every type of body hair in his works and thus sends emotional and erotic signals.

In today’s society, the clean-shaven body is more likely to be considered beautiful, the museum wrote in its appeal on Tuesday. The photo campaign should "support an open approach to body hair" and encourage to question common ideals of beauty.

Until January 31st, the Kunsthalle is collecting photos and the stories about them: "From bushy armpit hair to light scalp or beard hair to a woman’s beard and hair in the nose, everything is permitted." Photos of genitals are excluded.

In the exhibition "The Picasso Connection. The artist and his Bremen gallery owner" the Kunsthalle wants to show its graphics by the Spanish artist. The show, originally planned for November 21, will be shown as soon as museums are allowed to reopen.

In Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Bremen, the police have been searching several apartments since the early hours of the morning. The measures are related to organized crime, as the police announced on Tuesday morning. A total of almost 40 apartments are to be searched. The police were initially unable to provide any information about the exact background.

Honest finder: A retired couple discovered several bills in an ATM. The money was then taken to the lost property office.

A couple of pensioners found several hundred euros in an ATM in Bremerhaven. As the police announced on Tuesday, the couple had considered in front of the machine on Monday whether they should withdraw cash. The 80-year-old man noticed that there were still bills in the output shaft. Obviously the previous customer hadn’t pocketed his withdrawn money.

Perpetrators on the run: money transporter at Ikea in Berlin-Schöneberg ambushed fraud instead of ritual: three years imprisonment for alleged clairvoyant In the middle of Hamburg: man pees on the roadside – and is shot

The couple first waited at the machine for the forgetful stranger to return. Then the finders gave the tickets to the police. There, too, initially no owner reported, and the money ended up at the lost property office.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Bremen’s Prime Minister Andreas Bovenschulte has warned that too few doses may be available in Germany after the corona vaccine has been approved. "According to the latest reports, there will only be around three to four million cans for Germany by the end of January"The SPD politician said on Wednesday in his fifth government statement in the Bremen citizenship on the corona pandemic since spring.

Calculated for the federal state of Bremen, this means 30,000 to 40,000 vaccine doses and thus vaccine for 15,000 to 20,000 people. "I had hoped for a lot more then. That must clearly not be the last word from the Federal Minister of Health. We need much better care", underlined Bovenschulte. It should not happen that Europe, Germany and thus Bremen and Bremerhaven were only very hesitant about receiving the necessary vaccine doses that are already being used elsewhere in the world.

In a drug raid, the police searched more than 20 residential and commercial properties in the Pinneberg district on Tuesday morning. The police said that three suspects were arrested and will now be brought before the judge. The police had previously identified several suspects between the ages of 16 and 62. They are said to have traded cocaine and marijuana in no small amount. During the searches, cocaine, marijuana, weapons and cash were found. A total of around 180 members of the Schleswig-Holstein state police were involved in the operation.

The police also searched several apartments in Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Bremen since the early hours of the morning. The measures are related to organized crime.

The fireworks industry must be compensated after the ban on the sale of pyrotechnics from the point of view of the Bremen CDU. The decision in favor of the ban was correct, on the one hand to avoid large crowds and on the other hand to minimize the risk of injury and the associated burden on the health system as a result of New Year’s Eve. For the companies that manufacture and sell fireworks, this means enormous losses, warned CDU boss Carsten Meyer-Heder on Tuesday.

This also includes the Bremerhaven-based company Comet, which is now afraid of 200 jobs and its entire existence, since with the sales ban on New Year’s Eve, it will lose almost all of its annual turnover. "We need to help this and other fireworks makers in the same way that we have all other industries closed in 2020", says Meyer-Heder. He called on the Bremen Senate to provide appropriate funds from the Bremen Fund.

The fireworks manufacturer Comet warned at the weekend that in view of the corona-related ban on the sale of rockets and firecrackers on New Year’s Eve, the entire pyro industry was in danger. The entire industry is now threatened with bankruptcy, the company announced on Sunday after the ban decision. The industry needs immediate aid in the hundreds of millions to prevent this.

In the last home game of the year Werder Bremen will host Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday. Bremen have been without a win for eight games and are in danger of slipping further down the Bundesliga table. But the guests are also in a sporting crisis and parted ways with coach Lucien Favre on Sunday. The previous assistant coach Edin Terzic will be in charge of the Dortmund bench on Tuesday from 8.30 p.m. Werder goes into the game with some personal concerns. In Milot Rashica, Niclas Füllkrug and Davie Selke, three attackers are missing.

How the wolf is dealt with and how it spreads in Germany is controversial. The latest law has been of little help so far, and grazing animal cracks are increasing. Agriculture Minister Klöckner now wants further measures.

The law was supposed to balance them: nature conservation and the interests of shepherds and farmers. But half a year after a "Lex Wolf" made it easier to kill the animals, it turns out that hardly anyone is satisfied with it.

Farmers complain about the increasing number of wrecked livestock, nature conservationists the focus on shooting permits, which obscures the view of other aids. Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner calls for further steps. It was only on Wednesday that reported that the compensation payments for livestock torn by wolves had peaked since mid-2019.