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Make sure your new card has been formatted to FAT32 before transferring data. In addition to upgrading your 3DS SD card via disk cloning, actually, there is another way for this job. When searching “3DS upgrade SD card” in Google, you can find some articles show the way that is to use copy & paste method to transfer 3DS data to new 3DS. For the target disk, please choose another SD card which should be enough large to hold several games. As for the source hard drive, it should be the 3DS SD card which is full of games. To be specific, this tool is helpful to transfer data from one Micro SD card to another via disk cloning with several steps. By means of Clone Disk feature of MiniTool ShadowMaker, the 3DS upgrade SD card can be done effectively.

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Then open up Control Panel, click on System and Security then go to Administrative Tools. From there, click on the option to "Create and format hard disk partitions." This will bring up the Disk Management window, showing your various drives and connected memory devices.

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Of course, if you are low on space, you can transfer 3DS data to a new 3DS for more disk space or upgrade to a large 3DS SD card, and then replace the smaller SD card. To put it simply, Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console which can display stereoscopic 3D effects without using 3D glasses or additional accessories. Until now, Nintendo 3DS has gained great praise of players all over the world. Download Luma3DS (.7z file) on your computer, then open Luma3DS.7z and move the boot.firm and boot.3dsx files inside to the root of your SD card.

  • Visit the Nintendo e-Shop and check your downloads.
  • I tried to repair files but failed and everything saved in micro SD card.
  • Another approach to recover lost stored Nintendo 3DS data of formatted 3DS SD card is by re-downloading from e-Shop.
  • Up to 2GB they are called microSD cards, and all cards 4GB to 32GB are officially called microSDHC where the HC stands for High Capacity.

Just like you need images of adorable kittens in your head to reformat your noggin, you’ll need to to reformat the memory card on your 3DS to fix this particular error. Hopefully, you did not erase the 3DS source files either in your PC or original memory card because if you did, not even a billion kittens will calm you down. To reformat your memory card, connect it to your PC again.

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Right click on the box showing the name of your memory card. Make sure it’s the right go girl games card so you don’t end up totally erasing the contents of the wrong drive. Here are the steps to get your games to show up on your new 3DS system after you get the "no accessible software data" error. You can transfer all of the current content to a new Nintendo 3DS family system via a local wireless connection if you are using a 4GB or smaller SD card. By contrast, you learn it is a wise option to take MiniTool software to transfer data from one Micro SD card to another SD card since copy & paste can lead to inaccessible data and then 3DS fails to work. Just choose the proper way according to your need. When reading here, perhaps you think it is quite an easy thing to transfer data between SD cards.

Open the unSAFE_MODE-bb3 tool in a web browser and select Choose File, then select the movable.sed file you just downloaded. TC, look for a slot on your PC/Mac/Tablet/Whathaveyou for a slot that says SD or SDHC. If you have a Micro SD card, you can use your phone assuming it has said slot. A $5 will suffice for now, but be warned that they fail after a while and that carries a risk of data corruption if it has issues during a transfer, for example. The problem would be identifying with certainty which is which, which would be hard to do – it’s also the primary reason why most 3DS titles don’t have save files downloadable from GameFAQs yet. In theory, you should be able to keep the files on the PC and then put them back on the SD card when needed. In a laptop it will show up as a storage device which you can access and copy the files from your SD card to your computer.

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